Friday Finds ~ Second-hand Scores {June 22, 2012}

Garage sale season continues, but after this week, the kid’s will be home from school! Not sure if they could take the marathon of sales that my friend & I go to in one morning (actually, I know they couldn’t), but we’ll see if we can still continue this one some level. The hunt is always the fun part. :) Do you take your kids to garage sales with you? Or do you prefer to go alone?

Today I have a Tupperware ravioli maker, complete with scoop! Yes, I have a ‘want’ to make ravioli from scratch, but I never have (yet). I guess I have no excuse now. I intend to use THIS recipe for the dough, when I finally do get around to doing it. I believe I paid $1 for this piece, if I ever get around to making homemade ravioli, it will pay for itself in no time. ;)

I also found this rose silicone mold. My Mother-in-law mentioned wanting one over a year ago now. She had this idea for an ice cream dessert using these. I think the idea is genius, and hope to play with the mold (and share with you) before passing it along to her. Nearly broke the bank on this one, spending a whopping 25¢.


In addition to the cookbook I found last week, I had another cookbook that I was ‘hunting’ for. I had gotten a cookbook from my neighbor around Easter. It is another Canada-wide compilation cookbook from the 1980′s, but she had bought this copy new when one of the local stores was closing down last fall. Ever since my Mom saw my copy, she’s wanted one for herself. I managed to find a copy at the local thrift store for $1! Happy Birthday, Mom! :)


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