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Easy to Make Pumpkin Puree

Today I am going to show you how to make something that you will NEED this Fall. If you are wanting to do any baking with pumpkin (and use that Pumpkin Pie Spice you made earlier), you will need some pumpkin puree. Now, I know you can buy this in a can, but really, when […]

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Canned Tomato Soup

Welcome to canning season in this Baking Beauty’s kitchen. I don’t can much, but when those tomatoes turn red, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Besides making salsa, I also make this Canned Tomato Soup. This recipe comes from my Mother-in-law, I have no idea how long she has made this soup, but […]

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Strawberry, Balsamic Vinegar and Black Pepper Jam

This jam is something a little different, but I knew I really wanted to try it. I had seen a few recipes here and there, and decided to put together a few ingredients that appeal to me, and see how it went from there. This jam has the same sweetness that your favorite strawberry jam […]

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Mango, Vanilla, Lime and Cardamom Jam

Now, usually when I make jam, I make plain, regular strawberry jam. My kids LOVE strawberry jam, and we go through it very quickly, and so I try to make quite a bit in summer, when the field fresh berries are ripe & ready. But this time, I saw a case of mangoes at the […]

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How to Can Your Own Homemade Salsa

Are you all set & ready to go? Are the tomatoes turning red faster than you know what to do with them? Well, that’s not really my problem this year. I’ve been making homemade salsa for quite a few years already. I used to make it into taco sauce (few more steps involved) because I […]

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Pear Butter

I made this pear butter a while ago but just never blogged it. It is really tasty on your toast in the morning, or even over some ice cream in the evening. You could still make this now to put into gift baskets for Christmas. Something that is homemade and can be used up make […]

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Pear Marmalade

Since I gave you some new bread recipes last week, I figured you’d need something to put on your bread. This recipe is one that my Mom submitted, but since she has, I’ve made it myself, and it is so delicious! It can be as chunky as you’d like, and has a great citrus flavour […]

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Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

I have never even tried jalapeno pepper jelly before, but this was on my list of things to attempt to make. I have no idea how the store bought stuff tastes, but I know that this homemade version that I did, which gets it’s pectin and colour from natural sources, is one that I will […]

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Homemade Relish | the Baking Beauties

Homemade Relish

Last year I had so many veggies coming out of the garden, I started to look for new recipes to use them all up. I’d never made my own relish before, but we liked the sweet relish that my MIL had given us the year before. So, after an email or two, I had her […]

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