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Easy No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream recipe from The Baking Beauties

No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream

This No Churn Rhubarb Ice Cream is so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made it earlier.     I’d seen a few “no churn”, “3 ingredients”, “no machine needed” ice cream recipes on the web lately, and decided to take a look at how these recipes were made. It ends up it’s […]

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Salted Caramel White Chocolate Pudding Pops | the Baking Beauties

Salted Caramel White Chocolate Pudding Pops

  The heat is returning to Manitoba! This weekend they are predicting temperatures to reach 34 degrees C, which is about 93 degrees F. After having a nearly a month of cool, below seasonal temperatures, I’m sure not going to complain. These Salted Caramel White Chocolate Pudding Pops are the perfect treat to help keep […]

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Bananas Foster Popsicles | The Baking Beauties

Bananas Foster Popsicles

Last week we kicked off summer with Ice Pop week and I shared 5 different ice pop recipes. There was also a giveaway where you were asked what flavour ice pop you would like to make. There were so many fantastic suggestions, many of which I hope to try over the next few months, but […]

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Fruit Salad Popsicles | The Baking Beauties

Fruit Salad Popsicles

What a great week of ice pops! I’m thankful that Manitoba is having beautiful summer weather this week. Getting ‘rid’ or a lot of popsicles when it’s +30°C is much easier than when it’s -30°C. Today’s ice pop recipe is so simple, and so easy, but extremely delicious and healthy. The perfect cool-me-down treat for […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pops

  Are you enjoying ice pop week? Have you entered to win your own ice pop kit yet? I’ve enjoyed coming up with all these different flavour combinations to share with you. First we had Blackberry Key Lime Yogurt Pops, then kid-friendly Pina Colada Pops, and yesterday was those decadent Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Popsicles. […]

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Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Popsicles | The Baking Beauties

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Popsicles

Ice Pop Giveaway Week continues, and it’s finally the last day of school for my little ones. Schedules can be put to rest for a while, they can play all day, until they are so tuckered out, I will be begging them to sit and watch a movie for a while, just so they get […]

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Virgin Pina Colada Ice Pops | The Baking Beauties

Virgin Pina Colada Ice Pops

  Last summer we started to make some virgin Pina Colada drinks for the kids to enjoy after they were tuckered out from splashing around in the pool. Ever since I got my new Kitchenaid blender, which I LOVE, we’ve been making a lot more drinks that use ice cubes as the base (like these Frosty […]

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Frozen Key Lime Blackberry Pops | The Baking Beauties

Frozen Blackberry Key Lime Yogurt Pops

We are down to the last 3 days of school for my kids, so that means that summer is nearly about to officially begin at our house. That means long, lazy days. Splashing in the pool. Playing with neighborhood kids. Not following a schedule, for the most part. And eating food that takes minimal time […]

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Gluten-free Crisp Chocolate Wafers, Perfect for Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve managed to re-create nearly everything that I missed from gluten days. Gooey Cinnamon Buns. Check. Amazing pizza. Check. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Check. Plus, another 400+ recipes that I didn’t really NEED, but it’s nice to have, just in case. 😉 I seldom buy gluten-free products, I usually try to make my own instead. […]

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