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All-in-One Holiday Bundt Cake

Autumn is just such a beautiful time of year. The air is cooler & crisp. The trees turn beautiful colours that you can only enjoy for a few weeks (or until a wind storm comes along and blows them all off the trees). I also love all the flavours that are in season this time […]

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Crepes

I truly do love all things pumpkin, and the other day when my son asked me if we could have crepes, I decided to try my hand at making them gluten free pumpkin crepes. I’m not sure how that happened. All things started out normal, then the next thing I know, I’m reaching for my […]

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Sugar and Spice Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

By now, you may know that I love all things pumpkin. I love muffins, cheesecake, waffles, rolls, and of course, pie! But, when you roast your own pumpkin, you also have pumpkin seeds that you can roast and season. When we made a Jack-o-lantern, pulling out the seeds and cleaning them so we can roast […]

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Easy to Make Pumpkin Puree

Today I am going to show you how to make something that you will NEED this Fall. If you are wanting to do any baking with pumpkin (and use that Pumpkin Pie Spice you made earlier), you will need some pumpkin puree. Now, I know you can buy this in a can, but really, when […]

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Easy to Make: Pumpkin Pie Spice

With it now officially being Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (and at Starbucks), I know that a lot of people will be doing a lot of baking with pumpkin. One of the ingredients that very often accompanies pumpkin is pumpkin pie spice. But, don’t fret, you don’t need to run out and buy an expensive […]

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The Camping Celiac Returns

I had great response to the last Camping Celiac post that I wrote, that I decided to put together another one. Last weekend, my husband had holidays from work and we had decided to go camping for 5 nights. That would be our longest trip to date. We don’t usually for longer trips, just because […]

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The Camping Celiac

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We had a fantastic long weekend this past weekend, taking our tent trailer out for the first time this year. LOVED IT! It rained, was cooler, but we had a great, relaxing weekend. This is our 5th year of camping, and I tell you, it gets so much easier as the kids […]

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YOUR Gluten-Free Money Saving Tips

For more ideas on how to save money on a gluten-free diet, you can check out the article I wrote for Simply Frugal. You guys gave so many great tips on how to save money on a gluten-free diet, I’ve decided to include them in this post, so you can all read them. So, without […]

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Homemade Yogurt

I never knew that yogurt was so easy to make. When I asked the question on The Baking Beauties Facebook Page, I received a number of replies, and none of them said “This is difficult, and expensive, so don’t even try it”. Instead, they were all similar, a very simple recipe & instructions. My kids […]

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