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How to Freeze Blueberries | the Baking Beauties

How to Freeze Blueberries

Being a resident of the Great White North, I have to make the most of the short growing season that we have. During the few months of summer we manage to grow different fruits & vegetables,eating some while it is fresh, and preserving the rest of the bounty so that we can enjoy the fresh […]

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Gluten-Free Expo in Toronto

This coming weekend, thanks to winning the Redpath Sugar “Creme de la Creme” contest, I will be in Toronto attending Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show. I will be attending the show on Friday and Saturday, and am really looking forward to seeing all things baking and some demos, as well as meeting up with some […]

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Today I have a very special guest blogger, my daughter Abby, who is 9 years old. She put together this article, including the pictures, all on her own. I told her I would share it with you guys here, I’m pretty proud of her and this is her first published article. Canada […]

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New Feature ~ Friday Finds: Second-hand Scores

Hey everyone, and welcome here! Yesterday on the Baking Beauties Facebook page we were talking about garage sales and finding great second hand items. I loved seeing that so many of you love the hunt for great used items as much as I do! And some of you had some seriously amazing finds too, wow! […]

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"Why Didn’t I Think of That?" Wednesday

I thought I’d start a fun little feature here on The Baking Beauties. I’m going to feature a few little fun finds from around the world wide web. Those types of things that make you go “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” as soon as you see them. It may be recipes that other bloggers […]

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It’s Mardi Gras ~ Time for Gluten-Free King Cake

When you mention the words “Mardi Gras” most people instantly think of New Orleans. Although I have never traveled to New Orleans, it is a place that I think many people, myself included, have dreamed of visiting. Although the thought of the overcrowding on Bourbon Street, at night, during Mardi Gras is enough to put […]

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Taking a Break

Well, how’s that…14 posts in 15 days. I still have a few recipes left to post, but have decided to hang on to them until another time. Thank you to those that have allowed The Baking Beauties into your inboxes and readings lists, I appreciate it, I truly do. Thanks to everyone that has emailed […]

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Christmas Baking, Elves, Fairies and a Winner

This post is a bit of this and a bit of that, just the way life goes sometimes, right? This past weekend we finished off my daughter’s birthday celebrations with another Tinkerbell cake. Just sharing, here’s a pic of the two cakes that I made for her. She was very pleased with both of them. […]

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